The 2nd Breakfast: a boardgames table by Wooded Realms

The 2nd Breakfast board game table is a table designed for dining, work, crafts, and gaming, which comes in 4 color/stain options. It has a deep vault in the center of the table for games, puzzles, and crafts. 4 wooden leaves cover it up without disturbing the vault’s contents.

You’ll also get a reversible cloth playing field. One side of the playing field may be wood (they haven’t decided yet).

And, there’s a clear acrylic sheet that can be drawn on with dry erase markers. And if all that wasn’t good enough, the table also features 2 AC outlets, 8 USB ports and LED lights. It comes in two sizes, standard and XL, and both sizes come with four removable dice trays.

It sounds like a tabletop gamer’s dream.

Review and Discussion — But, is it as awesome as it sounds? 

The biggest drawback of the 2nd Breakfast board game table has to do with shipping. The table is going to require very little assembly, because it’s going to come mostly assembled. The problem with this is that it causes the shipping to be very expensive because the item will be big and heavy.

Shipping runs $150 for the standard, and $250 for the XL. The chairs are fairly reasonably priced, running $20 for one, $60 for four, and $75 for 6. However, the table and chairs will be shipped separately, meaning you most likely won’t receive them at the same time.

Because of the crazy shipping requirements, they’re only going to ship inside the US and Canada. In order to try to save backers some money on shipping, they’re incorporating an option to pick up the table, bring it home and install it yourself. Not only is this a whole other type of headaches, but it’s also only going to be available to backers in the Puget Sound area. Plus, even if you pay the outrageous shipping, you still won’t get the table until somewhere around April-May 2019. 

The tables have always had leaves, but they were wooden. Now that some stretch goals have been reached, they’ve released acrylic leaves, as well. This allows you to eat or work on the table, while still displaying puzzles or games under the leaves. They got the idea because the display model of the table had the acrylic leaves and they were a big hit.

How are they different from the acrylic sheet? The leaves are thicker (½”, as opposed to the 1/8” sheet), and the sheet is in one piece, which you move under the table when you aren’t using it. Once you move the sheet under the table, you really can’t display whatever is on top of it in the same way you can with the acrylic leaves.

It’s really a wonder that the leaves weren’t an option from the start, but a lot of aspects of the campaign seem this way, with the developers being indecisive. 

The developers don’t know what material they’re going to use for the playing field. You can, of course, add your own materials to it if you don’t like whatever they choose. But, that’s a hassle that most backers probably weren’t prepared for.

Also, the depth of the inner vault isn’t adjustable. You can add more materials to it to make it taller, but you can’t make it deeper. It would have been a good idea to add some sort of option to buy an add-on sheet like the clear acrylic that will make it taller. It’s also only 2.5” deep, just big enough to fit DnD mini or Lego mini-figurines, and you can’t make it deeper in order to hold a standard figurine. Add to that that the XL is only 68”x44” and you’re left with a table that could definitely be bigger, and with 6 chairs, gameplay could be extremely cramped. 

In terms of gaming accessories, the table does have some, like four removable dice trays. But, if you want more accessories, you’ll have to pay $125 for the accessory suite. It comes with a token tray, a dual option card holder, battle tiles, a triple dice-box, a dice tower and a player coffin character sheet and storage drawer. This sounds like everything you could need for a DnD or other tabletop game.

But, if you’ve been playing them very long, you know you can buy a lot of these accessories elsewhere for far less. It’s worth asking if it’s worth that much money to have matching accessories. 

There are LED lights in the table, which lots of people may not like. Most people are not going to think it’s handy to have to plug in their table, either. If you don’t like the lights, you don’t have to plug it in, as they’re recessed and the developers say you won’t even notice them. But, if you don’t, some of it’s more convenient features like the USB ports won’t work. Speaking of its electronic features, what happens if they stop working? Well, there’s a 1-year warranty on the table. They’ve made the table out of real hardwood so that it will last, but the electronics only have a 1-year warranty on them. Why? They state that as a small business, they aren’t set up for repairs and that shipping itself would be a hassle.

So, they intend to make the table in such a way that you can repair it yourself, which doesn’t sound convenient at all. 

Conclusion — Is it really worth it?

The 2nd Breakfast Board Game Table is a great idea. But, with all of the unknowns in terms of design and materials, it may very well be worth waiting to back it. Plus, with a minimum of $150 for shipping, it’s more expensive than some other game tables that have similar features. We’ll have to wait until their fulfillment stage when backers actually get their rewards to find out if they work any better than other tables, so that we know for sure whether or not the 2nd Breakfast tables are worth it.