The AM1 Electric Bike – The Super Lightweight e-bike

Taking a ride to your office or cycling around the town is fun and enjoyable. However, the conventional e-bikes are often ugly and heavy. Not to mention that it’s also expensive and you will have to constantly recharge the battery.

Here we stumbled across a new electric bike project on Indiegogo. It features an aesthetic slim look almost like your regular bike, affordable and most importantly, it’s very light in weight. It weighs only 30 lbs which mean you can move it in and out of your home/office pretty easily.

In the section below, we will discuss what you need to know before spending money on this bike project.

Review and Discussion — Should you buy this electric bike?

Certainly, the AM1 is incomparable to the high-end carbon fiber e-bike like this one which does not only gives you a good spec, but also light in weight. It’s not the market what the AM1 project intended to compete with, instead, it aims for the regular electric bike sector whereby one can easily weight over 50 lbs.

So you must be wonder what must have been compromised for that. First off, the battery. Most of the similar electrical bikes (like this one by ANCHEER I found on Amazon) in this price range are offering 36V of battery and lasts for 30 miles per charge. Due to the fact that lighter battery with smaller 24V being used, you will need to charge it more frequent and each full charge take you 1/3 lower (20 miles) than the regular’s. The best part? It only takes 3 hours to charge.


It’s technically a regular bike with a small motor on it, period.

Also for the speed. The AM1 taking all the “unnecessaries” off the bike and make it lighter and simpler. It’s no surprise that this e-bike is offering a single speed. It makes the bike performance poorly when climbing uphill and riding on various terrain. On the other hand, most other are giving speed shifter so as to make your biking session much more comfortable and easier.

While the cool part is that it comes with an LCD display where you can check the speed, assist levels, distance traveled and also the battery status. Please also be noted that this e-bike is using the pedal-assist instead of fully motorized ride. So, if you stop pedaling the bike won’t move.

Due to the simplicity and using the common parts, we love the fact it’s customizable. For the chariot, it’s quite cool that you can carry someone at the back, but do remember that it will take up a lot of the battery juice.


In a nutshell, is it worth it? Yes, it’s worth. The price is slightly higher than expected but is still considered reasonable. Each AM1 is now available for $800 on Indiegogo (go to the green link below for the latest available pricing), while if you think it’s too much for you, below is my recommendation:

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