EDC tool Face-off: The Braza Bro vs. Anywhere Tools System

In this review, we will cover two popular EDC campaigns that are currently running on Kickstarter so that to give you a clearer picture of which EDC is a better way to go.

Small everyday carry like a handy pocket knife is one of the must-have gears to thrive in your outdoor adventures. EDC knife campaigns are all over crowdfunding platforms. Over years, we have been bombarded by many of these EDC campaigns which mostly offering the similar features. And people wasted thousands of dollars on some of the poorly working EDC that isn’t really live up to the promises.

Likewise, the two main EDCs here we are going to discuss are the Anywhere Tools EDC system and the Braza Bro. Although there are some clear differences between the two where we can hardly comparing, we will be focusing on the customer’s perspective of view as to which one is better off for the money.

Discussion and Review — Which EDC pocket knife is better?

Braza Bro EDC Blade

Braza Bro is like any of the “quality” EDC tools, featuring the simplicity and handiness to go into the pocket (with pocket clip) or keychain. For the price, each Braza bro blade starts at $34 which is considered slightly higher as for what it brings to the table. It’s made of stainless D2 tool steel with high chromium content and has a good wear, water, rust and abrasion resistance. This type of steel is a common grade in using to make knife due to the cost-effectiveness. Braza Bro focuses on some of the small design details such as the ergonomically contoured grip to place your fingers, the choil, flippers, and etc.

Many backers are requesting the deep carry pocket clip as the stretch goal option due to the length of the blade is relatively short. However, the creators have responded that the clip design can hardly be added to the on-going production which already begun. To include a deep carry clip option would require a redesign of the prototype, new tooling and many related works to be done. As of how the creators put it, “This will add a few months to delivery”.

Other than the points mentioned above, Braza Bro seems to be quite trustable and the creator is responding fast while giving constructive explanations (without over promise) to the backer opinions in the discussion section.

Get Braza Bro here.

Anywhere Tools

If the Braza Bro is meant for the wood with its premium-ness, Anywhere Tools is then for the urban uses. Anywhere Tools featuring a high versatility and a well thought out modular design that comes with a range of handy customization choices. The cool part is that it allows you to decide which one is for the trip by stacking one of these modules, including a flare, a MOCA (10-In-1 Multi-Tool), a knife, a magnetic charger cable (Selectable Lightning/Micro-B/USB-C), a RuSh multi-purpose tool, and more. The price (starts at $23) is reasonable as you can select from the list of functional modular as the add-on to gear up the system.

As far as some of you may concern, the cable is not Apple MFI certified and for the MOCA tool is TSA friendly (not approved). The tools will be manufactured in China. What’s cool about this system is that you can get the new release add-on modules on the Keyport website in the future, such as the locator module.

Overall, which one of these you should go for? It depends. If you are someone loving the nature and love staying in the wild, Braza Bro EDC is a better choice for you. Otherwise, if you are kinda urban city guy looking for a handy tool, Anywhere Tools is a no-brainer due to the versatility. Please also be noted that the shipping fee for both of these campaigns is quite high (taking up half the price of the item).

Below is the link to the campaign if you are interested. Alternatively, just so you know, here is one awesome pocket knife I found on Amazon with many loves from the buyers.

Get Anywhere Tool here.