The Cubes – The New Hinged Structure Pillow

The Cubes is a hinged-structure pillow that gives you a firm and solid support to the back of your head. In this article, we will discuss if you should spend money on this pillow.

Recently, we have stumbled across a good number of weird-shaped pillows on Kickstarter. One of which is this one called True Pillow that comes in a shape that you can’t really believe. While each of them has their own “scientific” reason for the shape, here we have another one called The Cubes pillow, and it has a relatively conventional pillow looks, at least with the sleeve in.

This China-made pillow is made of polyurethane and comes with two layers, where the upper is the featured Graphene layer. The unique structure is claimed to promote air ventilation, antibacterial properties and less bouncy than your regular pillow.


Review and Discussion — Should you buy this pillow?

While some might prefer a softer and fluffy memory-form pillow, the other favors the firm and solid type. With that being said, if you frequently experience neck or shoulder pain after waking up in the morning, read this WikiHow’s article to find a pillow that suits you best.


On the other hand, The Cubes Pillow claims that it can actually stop the snoring due to the stronger structural support where will then left your throat airway wide open.

While that could be true to some extent, most of the time, snoring is an inherited trait from your parents whereby some people who have thicker nasal/throat tissue are prone to the “floppy” tissue vibration when breathing.

Similar to this snoring solution project that we discussed a while ago, both of these are less likely to be the good solution to your snoring problem.

If you somehow have a snoring issue that troubles your partner, this strip is so far the best and less-invasive snoring solution recommended by us.

Also, the creators have mentioned that they have conducted an experiment and found that their pillow extends the participant’s deep sleep stage by 20%. While there is no showing any study data on the project page neither is anywhere in the related sites, backers can hardly believe the empty claims without a solid proof.

The Cube Pillow is offering one size and style option.

Overall, is this pillow worth it? Maybe, it’s still worth a try. To me, due to the material used, this gimmicky “hinged” pillow is going to be solid and much less bouncy than my cotton pillow. There are some cheaper polyurethane pillows (this is the one) on Amazon and people are crazed over it, so I would rather bet my luck on the tested product. On the other hand, each of The Cubes Pillow costs you $50 (excluding shipping and customs fees) which is not cheap at all.