The Drift W1 – Segway’s New Age E-Skates

The drift W1 is a new line of electronic skates from Segway. (Yes, THAT Segway.)

The chatters on the main features

  • They are two independent states that are basically like a tiny hoverboard for each foot.
  • They start at $369.
  • They are marketed as lightweight and portable, as well as safe and easy to learn.
  • Suitable for different ages, body types, and that there are numerous ways to ride them.

The review and honest opinion – Do you really need these skates?

Although they sound like a technological marvel, are they really worth buying?

The very first thing that is going to be a pain is learning where to ride your skates. Segway says that they work on smooth surfaces. However, they also say that you should avoid bumps, uneven roads, paved surfaces, motorways, highways, deep slopes, and puddles.

So it sounds like you shouldn’t even be riding these on the sidewalk. With that said, it makes me wonder if these skates tough enough to withstand the test of time?

Also, they only have a 45-minute battery life. This means that wherever you ride them you won’t even be riding them for an hour for you have to charge them again. So you probably shouldn’t be taking these very far away from your home or workplace.

If you plan on buying skates internationally, you already know what a hassle shipping will be and how expensive it can be, so I won’t get into that. But, the charging cord is not suitable for international plugs and outlets. So, you’ll need to buy a converter, which they don’t provide.

It’s a bit of an unnecessary headache and oversight.

One of the major parts of this campaign is the fact that you can buy add-on accessories to go with skates such as helmets and backpacks. However, they apparently didn’t invest in enough storage space. So the skates will be shipped out first, and then any add-on accessories that you buy. That’s to say, you will receive your skates and your accessories separately, at least a month apart.

So, if you buy your helmet through them you have to wait a month to use your skates because they do recommend that you use them with a helmet.

They also market the skates as being safe with anti-collision technology and anti-slip rubber. But, your feet aren’t strapped into them or secured in any way, which could result in safety issues even with the slip-resistant rubber pads on them.

There are a few things that the advertisement does not mention as well. The skates only have one mode, which means you cannot move at different speeds or use different speed modes. The skates only go 7.5 miles per hour.

Our thought on the early bird “Free gift”

This campaign has had a lot of customer service fails.

They encouraged people to hurry and get the early bird pricing, then opened it up to everyone, meaning that they didn’t get a special price and that there was no rush. The company’s response, when asked about this, was to tell people that they had gotten a deal and then ask them to share and promote the campaign.

To make up for some of the customer-service flubs, they are offering “free gifts” that you have to work to get and are very conditional.

The “free gift” is a set of free elbow and knee pads. To get them you first have to make a pledge, share the campaign, get 10 likes on your share, and then comment why you’re excited about the product on the campaign page. This seems like a lot of rigmarole for a “free gift”.

Tips to ride it

There is no left or right, which is convenient because you don’t have to figure out which one goes on each foot after you’ve gotten off of them each time.

But, it means they work independently of each other, so you’ll have to carefully watch what you do with your feet. In fact, your feet spread apart when you’re wearing them and it takes some skill and effort to bring them back together while also avoiding catastrophe.

You may be able to learn how to use them without this happening with some practice.

However, just watching someone use them for the first time makes hoverboards and such look like a better idea than the skates.


Is it worth it? Though the price, these fancy skates by Segway is worth a try.

Although the Drift W1 E-Skates are made by Segway, which is a brand trusted by many people, one should also keep in mind that there have been many injuries and safety concerns simply with the Segway, let alone to individual hover skates. As a matter of fact, in 2010 the owner of the Segway company, Jimi Heselden, died from injuries sustained from falling off a cliff while using his product.