The Evolution Pant – Ultimate Travel Pants that Resists to Water & Stains


The Evolution Pant is an America-made versatile pant with many cool features in one. In this review, we will discuss if this pant really worth a buy.

A few days ago, we were blown away by a stain-proof and water resistant t-shirt campaign that received many loves in the Kickstarter community. To us, however, the idea is neither new nor innovative, read our full analysis here.


Meanwhile, here is a similar clothing project by Western Rise, but for the pants. There is no rocket science behind this project but a team of enthusiasts working on their ideal pants for any outdoor activity. Customer-wise, this product is not cheap at all.

Therefore, is this pants a way to go? or just another flop on Kickstarter?

We will see.


Review and Discussion — Should you buy this pants?

First off, similar to any other water resistant garment, The Evolution Pant doesn’t offer the water/stains repellency that lasts forever, and they don’t tell you either. In fact, it’s due to the hydrophobic coating (C6 DWR) to the fabric itself which often has a limitation time of washes — even if you follow strictly to the instruction, it loses the properties over time, but maybe slower.

Depending on the material and strength of the coating, the water resistance properties realistically lasts anywhere from 5 up to 30 washes. So until you see the Evolution Pants that show no differences from your other pants, it’s just a matter of time.

Having said that, the Supplex® fabric does help a little in the water resistance properties, just like any of your activewear.

What makes this product standout is that the company chooses Supplex® fabric (96% Supplex Nylon, 4% Elastane) in making its pants. It’s a microfiber nylon fabric by Invista that often uses in making activewear due to the 26-36% cotton-like softer than standard nylon, fast drying plus the good breathability. On the flip side, it doesn’t keep warm that well in compared to the others.

So, if you are using this pair of pants in a cold weather trip, you may want to think twice.

Interestingly, some of the backers are curious about the high similarity between The Evolution Pant to the others, including the Mountain Hardwear’s AP pants and AT Slim Rivet Pant. For that, the creators have clarified upon a few points on style and material differences. Comes down to it, the Evolution Pant uses the entirely different fabric (Supplex®) is actually the main distinction.

And of course, that’s also the biggest reason of why the price is much higher.

Another concern is on the “lifetime warranty” claims in the video. Unfortunately, it is more of a sale gimmick than reality. The creators have later confirmed that the warranty is only for the defective pants once you’ve received it, which are not including the damages caused by the improper use.

On the other hand, many backers have requested different color options. Certainly, The Evolution Pant lack of style and color options is one of the reasons that turns many backers off.

It’s due to the nature of air texturized to the nylon fabric which hardly gets dye up. Therefore, the color option is so limited for the very same reason. Below is the explanation by the creators:

Overall, is this new pant worth it? It’s a yes from us. Western Rise is an established company that has their own community-based. The Supplex® fabric is purchased directly from Sweden, the pants will then be manufactured in Los Angelas, and shipped from their own warehouse in Louisville, KY.

Rock Solid!

Many previous buyers have a positive experience with the products and are certainly love their services. However, the hefty $129 price for a single pair of pant plus $25 shipping ($5 for the United States) is an issue to some. What’s worst, the extra duty charges for overseas buyers can take up to another ~40% of the already pricey pant in total. Therefore for some of you, here is a good alternative that costs only 1/3 of its price.

Just so you know, Western Rise is on the Amazon too! See here.