The Micro Wallet – The Smallest And Slimmest Wallet

The Micro Wallet is a sleek and slim wallet that literally can’t get any smaller. Below you will learn if this wallet really worth a buy.

With the modern lifestyle took us by storm, our personal essentials, such as wallets, are getting smarter and smaller. The thick leather bifold wallet is no longer the only option and is very much obsolete in the eyes of the modernist. If you are somewhere in between the era, you may want to check out this slim bifold wallet called SlimFold which is a great representative between the old and the new.

In the recent years, there is a myriad of new and revolutionary slim wallets in this evergreen wallet/pulse market. Here is the one, by far, the slimmest wallet I have reviewed up to this point.


Review and Discussion – Should you buy this Micro Wallet?

It’s true tho,


This RFID wallet is the slimmest at its finest. Literally, it has a size of the credit cards and is able to fit up to 8 cards at once. With only 0.01″ added thickness to your credit card, Micro Wallet offers a thin, sleek and minimalistic look to your everyday carry.

That said, the wallet, at the same time, limiting what you can carry. Unlike your regular wallet, which you can have everything in it, including the bills, coins, receipts, notes, name cards, etc., the Micro wallet has a very limiting room of space beside of cards and cash.

But to Micro Wallet, it compromises the sleek appearance to its capacity volume. Unless you are living in the modern city which only uses cards, you will hardly be able to carry any extra items stated above. This is what makes this product less useful, short-life and may not be practical to the most of us. That said, if you are living in Sweden or any big cities that stated in this Telegraph’s post, you will probably have no problem living with this modern wallet with a cashless (and coinless) lifestyle.

For the rest of us, we would still be happily using our wallet to keep things besides of cards.

And of course, Paperwallet team has thought of that. So, they included an add-on pouch (with matching design) for coins, cash or any other small items. However, bringing an extra pouch is certainly a big hassle and is definitely not for the forgetful minded people.

Alternatively, If you think Micro Wallet is too small for you. You may want to check out bigger wallets on their official website via

With that being said, the team has put a lot of thoughts into the wallet design. This Micro Wallet has a range of unique and stylish art designs of choice, created by artists around the world. Also, It is made of a strong synthetic paper material called Tyvek®. The material is what made it durable, resistance to chemical/water/tear (can be cut through with a knife), lightweight, and is eco-friendly. However, using Tyvek as the material for the slim wallet is not a big news. In fact, there are already so many sellers are doing it over the past years, and one excellent example is this one called Mighty Wallet on Amazon. It is, however, a thick bifold that comes with many interesting designs.

On one hand, each Micro Wallet starts at only $19 on Indiegogo with Early Bird. Comparing to the classic leather-made slim wallet like this one on Amazon, Micro Wallet has a reasonable price and is on par with the other similar slim wallets in the market.

Although it may not be suitable to fully replace your bifold in most cases, it is still a very good alternative to keep your cards safe while you are out for an event/function which doesn’t give you a bulky look.