Trazor – The all-in-one shaver for men and women

Trazor is an all-in-one affordable shaver for both men and women. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail about this new shaver, and ultimately, you will learn whether if you need one.

For all the hairy guys and girls out there, shaving can be a rather annoying daily task. First off, you may have a number of blades to work on, before/after shaving gels & cream, hair trimmer and so on. Trazor is a system to put them all in one, in two models, altogether. Designed for both men and women, it fits more than 40 types of popular blades, and most probably the one you’re using right now.

By putting them in one, it’s also a very handy on-the-go shaver for any business/casual traveling. Another thing is that this system is a great solution for forgetful people, since they can just grab and go, literally.

Review and discussion – Worth it?

A good selling point is on their gel. Since it’s good for traveling, the gel is designed to require very little water and also free of foam. The transparent gel has the advantage to prevent cut/nick as you can clearly see the blade passing through the skin. While you can’t refill the gel with your own, the company sells their own dual-purpose (shaving/aftershave) gel for the Trazor gel, and you can reorder the gel cartridge via their official website after the Kickstarter campaign ended. Although it looks quite similar to the existing transparent gels I found on Amazon, the company said that it uses all natural non-irritable ingredients including the clove oil, manuka essential oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, and ginger root oil.

As for the drawback, the gel cartridge has only one standard size just so enough to fit into the handle. Nevertheless, it’s still good for enough runs for the traveling.

As for the second model of the Trazor — the Trazor Trim. This model featuring a built-in trimmer for daily grooming. While you can use it to trim the sideburns and eyebrow hair, the system will need to be powered by a AAA battery.

The different razor blades is not a problem no more. Trazor’s universal head is compatible with more than 40 types of popular blades. So whether you use your existing one or get a new one, you will never get locked on a brand again. More importantly, by changing the blades, one Trazor can be used by both you and your partner.

What we love about Trazor is that it’s not just feature-rich but also affordably priced. It’s currently $25 for Trazor Gel and $33 for Trazor Trim, one of the most reasonably priced campaign. Without extra charges, each Trazor perks offering a classy looking see-through travel case, a razor stand, 2 signature blades, and 4 color options for you to choose from.

Sum up

Is Trazor worth it? It’s a definite yes from us. The combined all-in-one feature will save us a lot of work and space from the daily grooming disaster, especially when we are out of the comfort home. Notably, the interchangeable razor blades and dual-purpose gel. Also, we love the fact that it’s designed for both men and women. Who knows when your partner might as well need to shave/trim up a little? Trazor Trim in particular, can be very useful during the traveling. And last but not least, it’s a very much reasonably priced product.