Tropic Shoes – The Sneaker You Can Swim In

Tropic sneaker is a versatile travel shoe with quick drying properties. In this review, we will discuss the things you need to know before buying.

Not long ago, we’ve covered a 100% waterproof sneaker project on Indiegogo. The project was a huge success and the idea quickly gains popularity in the community with an overwhelming response from the people. People are certainly buying the idea of having extremely breathable and waterproof sneakers to make their outdoor adventure easier.

That said, when the shoes get wet, it stinks. Same goes for Tropic sneakers, instead of total waterproof, these sleek looking shoes let the water in and out quickly with the highly breathable mesh design. The creator even claims that the shoes dry out in minutes, therefore making it the shoes you can even swim in.

Below we will debug the marketing jargons for you, so we will see what’s left behind.

Review and Discussion — Is this travel shoes worth it?

Aqua shoes serve only one purpose — get into the water, and that’s it. Tropic shoes take the advantages by combining your good looking outdoor sneaker with aqua shoe properties into one. That said, aqua sneakers are not new and neither is it revolutionary or “new category”. Here is one I found on Amazon with many positive reviews from the customers, plus it’s cheaper.

On one hand, this Tropic Sneaker is offering a limited option of colors, and the outsole will be in white color by default. Since it’s for outdoor uses, the white outsole will get dirty pretty easily and turns brown/ grey very fast. For this, the creators have included a black outsole as one of the stretch goal options in the survey. Until the final decision is made, you will be better off sticking with the white outsole.

Although the creators claim that this shoes will dry out quickly, there is a lack of evidence or any demo video to support the claim. Many have then skeptical about the efficiency which will then be no different from any cheap aqua shoes.

Unlike the waterproof sneakers, wearing this Tropic sneaker will still get your feet wet in water but it dries out much faster. While some of you may prefer to wear socks with it, it’s advised to take the sock off before/after getting into the water. Otherwise, you will soon have the wet sock in dry shoes.

Tropic is a Spain startup located in Barcelona, and the shoes will be manufactured and delivered from China.

Many have assumed that this product will be free from customs and taxes which is entirely wrong. The shoes will be shipped directly from China, and the backers have to bear the taxes and duty on shipping themselves. For this, many backers are not happy seeing this successful campaign didn’t do a thing to make their product EU friendly, and therefore many backers from EU have dropped out their pledges for this reason.

Overall, is this travel shoes worth it? It’s a yes from us. The price is surely higher but still acceptable. Even though the shipping fee is considerably low in compared to the other campaigns, buyers from EU have to take note that you will need to bear all the taxes which the company isn’t planning to cover, making it an expensive buy.