True Pillow – The Revolutionary Posture Pillow

True Pillow is a pillow with a new design to fix your bad sleeping posture. In this review, we will discuss if you should really waste money on this pillow.

Having a great night sleep can fully replenish your lost energy, whereas a bad sleep will hunt not only your nights but also the days. As one-third of our life is cushioning our head on the feathery soft pillow, why shouldn’t you take a little bit serious when choosing your next pillow?

Meanwhile, regardless of the material, most pillows have the same old design that hasn’t been changed for centuries.

A new pillow called True Pillow by Spine Perfect thinks otherwise.



Review and Discussion — Should you buy this pillow?

How to positioning your head in such a way that to reduce the pressure on your neck is always a common problem to many of us.

That said, there is so far no good solutions for this. Pillow companies are marketing their brands and designs as the “revolutionary best” solution, which mostly turns out, not exactly the answer to our problems.

In fact, it’s often a subjective opinion instead of a one-size-fits-all solution.

That said, you might be the first time seeing this weird shape True Pillow and wondering if this pillow is really working for you. First off, It’s actually far from revolutionary, and here is one highly similar therapeutic pillow I found on Amazon with the almost entirely identical designs. Scroll down to the 1000+ Amazon customer review section below, they will tell you the undeniable truth. While that one is costly, here is a cheaper alternative if you want to test the water.

Nonetheless, most customers are having a positive experience with that pillow, and so why would you bother to support this untested True Pillow on Kickstarter?

Also, how is this pillow has a “patent pending” in its design? Until the creators gave us a solid answer, we are not really sure.

On the other hand, True Pillow does not offer different size and style options. By now, the campaign is offering only one “adult” size and design.

Another concern is that most of us tend to roll back and forth many times during the sleep, and the length of the side sleeping area is apparently shorter than your regular pillow. Therefore, it increases the chance of you to fall into the holes and makes your neck problem even worse.

Overall, True Pillow is a brand new pillow with a “new” design. If you have decided to get one, please be noted that there is an additional $20 shipping ($10 for the US) will be added to your pledge. As for me, I would rather get myself a cheaper existing product via Amazon that has actually been tested by thousands of customers.

Before you decide what to do next, check out our another review on a pillow called Banale Pillow, it’s a 3-in-1 memory foam pillow. Spend a min on it, you might change your mind.