Universal Lens Cap — Fit. Every. DSLR Camera Lens

KUVRD is a universal lens cap that fits all of your DSLR lenses. The review section below will tell you whether you should buy this lens cap.

Regardless if you are an amateur or professional photographer, taking care of camera lenses are a big pain in the butt. The chances are you will have more than one lens at a time and change it when the situation calls, such as taking a bright scenery from afar, or zooming-in the flying flock of birds. The lens prices ranging from hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars, and you’ll never want it to get harm from the bad weather, scratch, dust & dirt, and cracks from accidentally bumping into something when not in use.

Most of us get a lens cap along with the purchase of cameras, that would give you more than a couple of them. Plus, neither of them fits the others. So, what happens when you can have one lens cap for all of your camera lens.



Kuvard is a simple stretchy universal lens cap to well-protect your camera lenses. It features an elastic design for fast and tight protection to your gears without having to worry about the elemental damages. Most of the generic lens caps are just a cover in front of the lens glass, and it doesn’t really protect your lens as much. KUVRD, on the other hand, is a much easier solution to literally shielding your lenses.


For the shorter lens (60mm to 150mm), it prevents the lens from falling off too. KUVRD is reasonably priced and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Review and Discussion

Put it short, KUVRD is a rubber cover for all of your lens. It looks simple, it is simple, but it works like a cham. However, does it really help? Indeed, KUVRD is one-for-all. Still, you don’t just buy 1 “universal” for all of your lenses, right? Like all of your lens covers, you’ll still need to buy a couple of them, just that they’re all interchangeable. Comparing the regular cheap lens cover like this, even at the $15 price mark each, KUVRD is still considered pricey.

KUVRD is the upgraded version of lens protector to shield your lens from all the angle.

One thing to take note is the appearance and conveniences. Overall, the appearance is good and stylish but not so “professional”. Also, you will usually get a lens cap keeper along with the lens cap for free. It’s very convenient when taking shots at the unfavorable environment as we can just pull the cover off, leave it dangling for a quick shot and put it back on. For KUVRD, it doesn’t. So, you will need to keep it somewhere or holding it along the way.

KUVRD is made in only a single stretchable size and is more suitable (to cover entirely) for the shorter lens (60mm – 150mm). If you have a longer and slimmer lens, it doesn’t help much. Therefore, the creator is advised to include a few different size options in the future.