UPstage 360 – The Hi-Res Audio 3 Way Speaker with Smart Home Integration


The Upstage 360 is a new cool speaker. In this review, you will learn if this speaker worth a buy.

Okay, so how does it really work?


Engineered by Soundmatters, it’s got a circular design that is supposed to put out sounds in all directions. That would certainly be an improvement on the single direction that comes from traditional speakers.

It’s also designed to use Bluetooth technology to link up with your smartphone. It can work to not only link up with Amazon’s Echo Dot, but it can dock it, as well. Google’s ChromeCast can cast it, and there’s an Aux-in. It’s also supposed to be portable, meaning you can take it anywhere, and it has a battery life of 6-10 hours.

Review and Discussion – Should you buy this speaker?

So, is it as good as it’s advertised to be?


Let’s start with some of the flaws that they openly advertise on their Kickstarter campaign page.

First of all, they advertise that it has a wide range of frequency- from 40 Hz- 40 kHz and they say that audiophiles will love it. However, audiophiles know that a variable of 10 like that means that it will get louder, but not give any more detail in the sound.

It would have better sound quality if it had a flat frequency response. The 360 design may actually compromise the sound quality, as well. That said, we’ll still have to wait and see once they start being shipped and fulfilled.

There are several issues that could come about with controlling it.

First of all, it’s Bluetooth. Anyone who has ever had to synch two Bluetooth devices knows that it can sometimes be a pain. Sometimes they synch up fine on the first try, but not always. Also, you can’t turn the Bluetooth all the way off.

So, if you were to need to have the Bluetooth shut off for some reason, but still wanted to use it, that’s not an option.

There’s no app to control the system, as of now. Your options are to control it with the Bluetooth on your smartphone, or via voice control on your Echo Dot, or to manually do it on the device itself. There is no remote control.

It’s supposed to be portable.

However, it’s 18.9” tall x 5.9” in diameter and weighs 6.17 lbs. That means it’s roughly the same size and weight of an infant. If you’ve ever lugged an infant around, you know it’s not easy, and this wouldn’t be, either.

At least an infant can kind of wrap its arms and legs around you. The speaker can’t. For this reason, it might be a good thing that the company isn’t planning on releasing any sort of multi-speaker system.

The Upstage speaker system won’t support all file types, so it’s not guaranteed that it will play every song in your library. For instance, it won’t support atpx files.

If it stops working for some reason, there’s a 1- year replacement warranty. It doesn’t work on man-made damages or improper usage, but at least there’s some sort of warranty on it. They’re not expecting to ship the speakers until at least July (September, globally), and they cost at least $329.

So, if you’re waiting that long just to get it and it costs that much, it had better have a warranty!

Is this speaker worth it? It’s a no from us. Comparing to this smart speaker that I found on Amazon, The UPstage 360 has a bulky design that is neither aesthetic nor compelling to some. Plus, the price is fairly expensive. Ultimately, it boils down to personal preferences and the final product received if it lives up to the hype.