Vessi 2.0 – The 100% Waterproof and Extremely Breathable Knit Shoes


Vessi is back! Last year, they funded over $1 Million on Kickstarter alone has opened up a new category of what known to be the “waterproof sneaker”. Fast forward to now, they are back with the 2 new members – Vessi Skyline and Vessi Everyday.

In this review, we will discuss whether is this shoes really worth-a-buy.


What we truly love about Vessi is how rugged and unintrusive it is. Being waterproof and breathable means less sweat and less odor. That being said, a lot of ex-backers are coming back to support their second campaign.

Without compromising the appearance, these stylish sneakers grant you the permission to walk on any terrains, including the puddles and muddy water. For sure, I can get some cheaper sneakers which is also waterproof. Alright, before we go to the conclusion, let’s do some detail analysis on Vessi 2.0.

Vessi 2.0 – Vessi Everyday and Vessi Skyline

With the comeback, not everyone is happy with their previous service and shoes quality. For example like the screenshot below, Francis was certainly not happy with the Vessi 1.0. He did mention the leakage and shoes sole issue that many backers are also having problems with. Added to that, the warranty period is just 90 days. For that, people are questioning the quality and durability of the shoes.


The other unhappy backer is Kam. Remarkably, he pointed out the durability and the disappointing customer service experience with the company.

Our previous opinion on the Vessi 1.0

How is the ultimate feeling of stepping onto the puddles while less worry about your shoes getting wet and stinky? This is what Vessi offering you. Vessi is the first knit sneaker that features 100% full waterproof. Just like any of your favorite brands, It is fashionable, durable and made of breathable fabric. Vessi keeps your foot dry even if you dip it whole into the water!

The secret lies behind the material used in manufacturing the shoes. Vessi has a patent on the Flash Knit technology where the surface is made up of 3 layers to fully and effectively block out the water molecule. There are other similar products using the nano-surfactant which is smaller than the water molecule, therefore, to prevent water getting into shoes.

However, this method does not last for long and will eventually wear off with time.

Vessi, on the other hand, using 3 separate layers on their shoes. The first layer is a stretch knit layer. This layer composes of polyester and nylon which gives the flexibility and durability like any other shoes. The second layer is a nano-filtering membrane and this layer is where the hydro blocking happened.

The nano-membrane is simply too small for the water molecule to pass through and therefore impervious by water. As this is not a coating, this technology lasts as long as the shoes are not punctured by any sharp object. One thing to note is the membrane also serves as a one-way ventilation for the heat and moisture to wick off from inside the shoes to outside, leaving your foot dry and fresh all the time. Less sweat means less odor!

The last layer is a comfort lining where it’s made up of soft and smooth fabric for long hours of wearing. Most of the dirt come stick to your regular shoes in wet and liquify state. With the flash knit technology, it’s also much easier to clean it with detergent or just wipe of a wet cloth. Leaving you a breeze to walk in the puddles wherever you are.

Bottom line – Price and Bonus

Will the Vessi 2.0 stood up to its promises? Or just another so-so upgrade. We will get to know soon. The previous campaign was supported by over 7000 backers. As for the new campaign, Vessi seems to be able to break their record very soon.

With the 2 added version, Vessi shoes are now available in 4 colors — stone gray, carbon blue, dusty rose, and lunar black. Each pair of Vessi is estimated to retail at $150 MSRP.