Vinci 2.0 – The Wireless Standalone Ai Headphones


This is a Vinci 2.0 review. In this article, you will learn if this headphone worth buying.

Recently, one headphone from Kickstarter named Vinci 2.0 (now on Indiegogo) is taking over people’s attention by storm. Vinci is an Alexa-enabled wireless headphone with gesture control that gives you a premium 3D music experience. Before we get into the detail, you may not know that the previous version Vinci 1.0 is actually on the Amazon. Check the customer reviews on Amazon you’ll have a rough idea of the product quality brought by this company.


Vinci 2.0 is the newer version of its forerunner.


With up to 32 GB internal storage, Vinci 2.0 is a completely standalone wireless headphone built with strong Quad-Core ARM Cortex A-7 processor. While having up to 8000 songs stored in this small little device, or streaming over 42 million songs phone-free, you can get rid the hassle of having to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth all the time. Just like your smart home Alexa, you can stay connected to the world while working out in the park, in the gym, in the train, or whatever activities you are doing. It is controllable with voice and hand gesture, such as swiping of hand or wake the system up with voice control “Hi Alexa”.


“Hi, Alexa. What’s the weather today?”

Thanks to Alexa, you can access over 15,000 Artificial Intelligent skills including voice control to make calls, sending text, fitness tracking, requesting a ride with Uber, and many more. Phone-free doesn’t mean you are out of connection, you can even make a direct phone call with Vinci. Also, Vinci is able to block out environmental noise with the 8 smart noise cancellation modes. Even a whisper in a crowd can be heard crystal clear!

Vinci has been honored with CES 2018 Innovation and many other awards.

Design for a seamlessly fit your modern lifestyle, Vinci is perfect for jogging, commuting, gym, cycling, and yoga. It is lightweight and durable. Vinci designs to hang around your neck and will never fall out no matter how hard you shake your head. The magnetic neckband secures the earbuds in place and it’s completely sweatproof and splash proof. You will get different set of ear fins and ear gels for a customizable fit to your ear shape.

For the playtime, Vinci comes with a 600 mAh lithium-ion battery that gives you 8 hours of local playtime, 20 hours of Bluetooth playtime, and 168 hours (1 week) of standby idle time.

While all it takes was 1.5 hours of charging time.

Speaking of different languages? not a problem. Vinci recognizes more than 20 languages. Vinci is smart, it can learn your habit over time and has an in-built algorithm to best understand your intention. With over 10 in-built sensors, Vinci can accurately track your fitness and health data, including heart rate, distance traveled and speed.

Price and Warranty

Similar to the price of Vinci 1.0 on Amazon, Vinci 2.0 is estimated to retail at $149 MSRP. Meanwhile, you can get Vinci 2.0 for as low as only $79 and save up to 55% discount via this time-limited campaign. Vinci is available in 3 versions — Lite, Pro, and Super. And there are 4 color options— Black, white, red and blue. For warranty, they offer a 7-days no question asked money back guarantee, 6 months free exchange, and 1 full years limited warranty. Send your question to for more.