VINTA TYPE – II Backpack: The Versatile Bag For Your Lifestyle

This is a review of┬áVINTA TYPE – II Backpack.

VINTA Type II Backpack is a versatile backpack to fit your modern lifestyle. It has a sleek leather design and comes with a lot of thoughtful compartment for all of your gears. Design for all of your activity, from office to the mountaintop, VINTA Type II Backpack has a separate removable compartment for camera kit, including lens and tripod.

Not only perfect for photographers, VINTA Backpack is also designed as your daily backpack. it holds shoes, clothes, laptop, and all of your daily essentials neat and tidy.

The first Kickstarter campaign VINTA S Series was a huge success. Taking in 3 times of its original funding goal with the help of 341 backers. After 1.5 years of preparation, they are back now with a few more options. Sadly, one big let down was the overall features were almost the same with no additional features. Perhaps, there is no need for unnecessary add-ons for a good product that is already outstanding.

The fact is that this new VINTA Type II Backpack is already doing better than its forerunner, the S Series.


Review and discussion – Does it worth a buy?

VINTA┬áType II Backpack is designed for photographers. However, with so many backpacks in the market, does Vinta still has its place? For example,┬áthis Amazon’s Choice backpack I found on Amazon is no doubt an outstanding backpack for photographers. It has a huge compartment for camera kit, resistant to water, and is loved by many. There is few more example:

To answer that, we need to get into the detail of VINTA.

The previous VINTA backpack is only available in one size. Thus in this Type II, they are adding in few more size options. For the material, VINTA uses a premium water-resistant twill in producing the backpack. The inner compartment comes with a 15″ laptop sleeve which is zippable for added safety. The main compartment fits well for the full-frame DSLR camera, along with the 3-5 lens. Unlike the others in the market,┬áVINTA┬áType II Backpack is compact and suitable for the daily use.

Each VINTA Type II Backpack is now available on Kickstarter for only $178 (early bird), while it is expected to retail at $254 MSRP.

Overall, VINTA┬áType II Backpack does not have any outstanding cool features, but in the modest term, it’s quality, trustable and many ex-backers are backing their campaign again. In addition, it has been marked as “Project we love”. Just before you decide to buy, please take a few seconds to check out this bag (our Editor’s Choice), you will probably change your mind.