Vion – The Smart Bluetooth Multimeter with Mobile App


Vion is a Bluetooth Multimeter that pairs with your mobile phone. In this review, we will discuss if this multimeter a way to go, or just another flop in crowdfunding.

Just face it, for most of us without the technical background, handling the electrical components for your electronic device is a hassle. Whether you are building up your next DIY project, or simply checking the extension wires, dead light bulbs and switches, you will need a multimeter.


Vion, by Allectrics Inc, has a new idea to replace your old digital multimeter into the brand-new app assisted Bluetooth multimeter.

But, is that feasible to withstand the test of time?

Review and Discussion — Should you spend money on this multimeter?

Simply put, Vion uses your mobile phone & App as the “body” for the probe, wirelessly. Certainly, it can be useful in some circumstances, such as the testing of bulb socket on the ceiling, and… that’s all about it. That said, it grants you the convenience of fitting the Vion probes into the toolbox much easier, thanks to the smaller size.


While Vion offers auto-detection, voice guidance and color indicators which are good for beginners but it doesn’t really do much for experienced users.

Also, add up all these little conveniences to replace your $12 multimeter for this $50 Vion (plus another $10 for shipping) is not that convincing. Plus, having it wirelessly and BT enabled means that you will have to frequently charge the Vion probes as well (full charges lasts 7 hours). For those of you who have to deal with electronic parts every day, it’s much of a hassle than a real deal.

Even for the expert, this gimmicky device is technically an expensive toy in compared to a feature-rich multimeter like this one.

On the other hand, dealing with electricity means that you’re putting your life at risk. So, the safety assurance of this product is a must. Therefore, the creators claimed that this product has a CAT III rating up to 500V, which is usually sufficient for regular uses.

Meanwhile, the lack of certification and authority approval before the campaign launch is what worried many. Some backers have their concern on the country approval, and the creators have then claimed that the certification is currently under the progress for certain countries:

So until the approval is completed, nothing conclusive can be said. Also, if you are living outside of one of these countries, this item is then the best gift for your 12yo son.

Vion is designed to pair with the mobile phone for data storing, log and comparison. However, there is no software for some of the computer users who would like to sync the data via BT directly.

Overall, is this product worth it? No, if you are looking for a professional alternative to your multimeter. Whereas a yes, if you’re a home mom, college student or electronic novice. All the smart features are designs for the simplicity and as well for the small projects, off-site work or as a household power tool.