VIPER360°: The Ultimate Phone Grips With No Insert

VIPER360° is an armband phone grips/phone holder with no insert.

When I am doing exercises like jogging & gym, just like you, I listen to music and connect with my health/activity tracker app on my mobile phone. But it’s such a hassle to hold the phone with my sweaty hand or put it in my shorts pocket (may fall off). From time to time, I will also need to check on the analytic, social media and even skip songs. Because of that, I later bought myself this sporty Bluetooth earphone, but the result is far from ideal. Indeed I am better off in listening to music, but constantly checking on my phone for analytic is still a problem.

Some of my friends offering me to use an adjustable arm velcro strap like this one to fasten the phone holder. The result is generally good. Due to the different size and design of the mobile phone, the holder has to be changed when using my other phones. Even though the armband has a key holder on it, but it’s kinda useless as it’s too small for my keychain and car key.

One last thing is about the orientation. This is when the new armband VIPER360° by VDOCK Co. comes in.


VIPER360° is an armband for sport. Unlike the regular armband, It features no phone holder/insert for literally any phones you owned. This armband uses a suction pad/sticker to be placed on the back of your mobile and later stick it on the velcro strap adhesive. With that, you can adjust your phone in whatever way and angles you want. VIPER360° is made of water and sweat resistant material with a thicker 3-layer design:

1st Layer (outer) — Adhesive layer made of Viper Micro-loop and Micro-hook system for good grip.
2nd Layer — Neo-wetsuit strip constrictor for the slap-n-go fast grasp.
3rd Layer (inner) — A mix of microfibers (Poly Satin, Nylon & Spandex) for comfort.

The other feature of VIPER360° is its strip constrictor. The constrictor gives the armband an added strength for easy wearing. The idea is simple and straightforward, we will next emphasize the quality, compare similar product, and discuss on the trustworthiness of this product in the following section.

Review and Discussion

To analyze this product, the first thing that goes by is the funding goal. Funded with over 65105% of its $19 pledge goal, the lowest I have seen so far, this campaign sits right at the top of the “popular” list. Regardless of the strategy the creator used, it works somehow. From a customer standpoint however, manipulating the system may seem smart but we, as the general customer, see it otherwise — low trustworthy.

The story doesn’t end here.

This project has a large amount of photoshop/purchased images with the armband on it. This indicates low budget of marketing the product. Not necessarily directly affects the product quality, but we would love to see more realistic images with a real model (or creator himself) wearing and using the band. On the other hand, over exaggeratedly marketing jargon in the campaign detail may negatively turning people off.

Beside of the marketing strategy, the main question is whether does this armband worth a buy? 

Remind me of this cheap suction pad, VIPER360° uses the idea on the armband for sport. We all know the suction pad (even the with nano-suction technology) is not popular in the market since its first release. The main reason is no other than the common practical issues — dust/dirt are hard to remove and it affects the adhesiveness over time. Also, it has a risk potential of dropping your expensive iPhone X or heavier mobile device to the floor, not to mention it all happens when we’re doing sport. To most people, using a phone holder is still a comparatively practical and solid solution. For this, the creator is advised to make a simple demo video to prove that their product is powerful enough to hold up the mobile phone when doing various vigorous exercises.

No, it doesn’t prevent theft from stealing. In fact, it encourages pickpocketing by displaying/sticking your valuable crystal-clear on the arm/wrist. The campaign (the first part) has an infographic about a pickpocketing news of “WHY THE VIPER360˚?”. The truth is your phone is relatively safer in your pocket. Whether it’s part of the marketing strategy, we as the consumers should stay rational and not be confused by the marketing info.

For the price, VIPER360° is now funding on Kickstarter for $19 each. The price is acceptable but slightly higher than expected. Compare to my cheaper sports armband with over 15k customer reviews, VIPER360° is in the high-end category.