Vortex Shadow – The Handmade Leather Bag Designed by Kickstarter Backers

Vortex Shadow is a leather sling bag voted by Kickstarter backers.

Yossi and Max are the brains behind this Israel startup, Nisnas Industries. The company dedicates to invent creative and artistic product on Kickstarter. Since then, they have created 10 campaigns launched with only 1 ended unfunded. They have stated the reason on the last update for the canceled project.

“So we gave this our best shot and the project was close to impossible to get into mainstream media, somehow falling in between the cracks between social action and design and we couldn’t get much traction”

Other than that, they have created a number of successful projects, including Madison & Oak Whisky Tumbler, Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler, Kole Flask, Vortex Shield leather carry and many more. Theirs accumulate estimated $1M from all the projects was the main reason of why they have decided to build their business strategy upon the Kickstarter community.


Vortex Shadow is a handcrafted sling bag made of full grain leather.

Upon the discussion with the previous backers of Vortex Shield, the creators have released the latest version — Vortex Shadow. It is slimmer and bigger than the Vortex shield so that to carry a lot of larger item, such as a tablet, headphone, and even an 11″ Macbook air (barely). Specifically, the previous is 17″ x 5″ with 350g in weight, while the newer is now having the same height (17″) but a longer width (7.8″). Also, It’s now almost double the weight (650g).

Despite all these, Vortex Shadow is still quite small in compared to this larger & super durable full leather duffle which we cover not too long ago. Meanwhile, the Vortex Shadow comes only with two main compartments with separate zippers, and a number of small pockets for the smaller item.

Review and Discussion

Ever since they have received a lot of complaints about the size of the Vortex Shield, Nisnas Inc is finally coming back up with… an exactly same but a slightly larger product, including the 70% similarity promotional video. How should I put this…hmm, oh yes! They are simply re-launching a campaign. The re-launching and re-naming to the “Vortex Shadow” did not turn out to be a “spin” product, the company doesn’t spin it at all.

From what majority of the previous backers stated on Vortex Shield, many were upset and disappointed upon receiving their bags.

Specifically, many backers criticized the volume and the quality of leather which turned out nothing like what they’ve seen in the promotional video. On the other hand, the tagline says “designed by Kickstarter backers” which I find it misleading in a certain way. This product is clearly not designed by the backers, nor backers have the chance to get involved in choosing the designs. To translate into a correct sentence, the creators received feedbacks (mainly complaints) and do some changes accordingly.

Overall, the seemingly lacks of integrity and business ethics are what makes a good company failed. This review is based on the backer comments and discussion of the previous product — Vortex Shield, from a customer standpoint.

For the price, each Vortex Shadow is now on Kickstarter starts at the same price of the Vortex Shield — $220. The price is very high, considering there are a lot of similar leather sling bag like this one on Amazon that costs a small fraction of the offered.