Why Eden Tomorrow Has Such Bad Ratings

Throughout video game history, there have been many video game developers and publishers that have promised to take us on wild adventures. Many of these video games deliver on their promise to great success. Others provide meandering results, while there are a few that totally crash.

Despite promising ideas, there are video games that do have the potential to be a great game. However, they crash and burn the moment the game is released. Eden Tomorrow is one of the few games in this case.

What did Eden Tomorrow do to earn such a reputation for being a terrible game? What factors contributed to the downfall of such a promising game? Find out more on why Eden Tomorrow has such bad ratings by reading on.

Why Eden Tomorrow Has Such Bad Ratings
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What Is Eden Tomorrow?

Eden Tomorrow is a PlayStation VR game that follows the same path as some of the best action-adventure games. The game promises adventure and danger at every turn as you explore after you crash land on an alien planet. 

Everything at this point sounded promising especially when it comes to VR games. The game has all the stereotypes of an action-adventure game, such as an amnesiac protagonist who doesn’t know why he landed in this hostile environment. 

The player is joined by an AI-powered drone called Newton as they wander through the vast planet through a cave system, while avoiding alien lifeforms and dangerous plants.

In the game, players do not have weapons to protect themselves. The game is essentially a mix of survival, exploration, action, and adventure with some bits of puzzle-solving along the way.

What Happened to Eden Tomorrow?

As soon as the demo was released, those who were able to try out the game immediately fell in love with its exploration aspect. The excellent premise was always a standout amongst many who tried the game. Apart from that, many also liked the atmospheric nature of the game.

But, why did the game fail to capture many more fans after its release? There were many factors why Eden Tomorrow failed to garner positive reviews from both critics and hardcore gamers. 

An Identity Crisis

One of the most glaring issues in the game is its identity crisis. The game does not know what it wants to be.

In certain aspects of the game, players can explore and be in awe of the vast landscape. Then, there are also times that the game radically changes its tone to action-adventure or dull puzzle-solving.

Dull, Basic, and Uninteresting

At first glance, one would be in total surprise to see the beautifully rendered graphics in the game. It entices you to explore the world further even if danger lurks around you. 

However, things begin to take the turn for the worse around 30 minutes into the game as animations begin to feel basic and repetitive. Monsters seem like swaying trees and do not have that much interaction with the player. 

The monsters felt repetitive and have very predictable movements that make the game very stale. The sudden dip in quality at the first few minutes of the game led to the frustrations of many players with the game.

Puzzles were also very unimaginative and very basic for a game with a huge budget. For puzzle solving, all you had to do was look around the room or on the floor to find the solution to the puzzle and that’s about it.

Annoying AI

Why Eden Tomorrow Has Such Bad Ratings
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Another part of what makes Eden Tomorrow bad is your AI companion, Newton. Imagine a robot following you around and talking to you about everything you do. The droid simply does not know when to stop talking to the point that players get irritated by it.

Apart from the constant barrage of instructions and distractions, Newton’s lines are also very basic. The AI does not enhance the experience nor does it push the story forward. It does the exact opposite, and you simply want it to stop talking as it takes you away from the experience.


Eden Tomorrow has shown some sparks of creativity and potential. Many players see through many of its flaws and its promise of becoming a great game, if it had been done well. 

However, the potential is marred by many issues alongside dull gameplay and an identity crisis. If you want to learn about good video games, then check out our other articles.