Wickedbone – The Smart and Interactive Dog Toy

Wickedbone is a smart dog toy to entertain your playful dog. In this review article, we will discuss below whether is this dog toy worth buying.

It’s said that dogs have an average mental intelligence of a 2 to 3 years old human. So, it’s not surprising to see them spending most of their time eating, sleeping, and of course, looking for something fun and interesting. As most of us busy pet owners would very often neglect our furry friends, staying home full days isn’t really something fun. Plus, inactive and the lack of exercises may eventually develop into some sort of health issues.

On the market, there are tons of treat-based dog toys like this one that comes in different variations, but most are static. Therefore, just like kids, your dog might get bored as soon as it finds the trick/logic behind. For that, Wickedbone is an interactive smart dog toy that plays and interacts with your dogs. You will be able to set it to Drive Mode where you can control it with your mobile phone, or set it to Interactive Mode for the toy to auto-play with your dog.

Sounds promising.

But, should you spend money on this toy? we will tell you in the section below.

Review and Discussion — The things you should know before buying this toy

This dog toy very much resembling a similar Kickstarter project two years ago called GoBone, but with some added features. What’s cool about GoBone is the good chewability, and even if the toy is damaged, owners can easily find the replaceable parts without having to buy a new device. Whereas for the Wickedbone, with no official statement, there is no testing or indication of how much the hard silicone protective shell can withstand the bite strength. Therefore, in cases of some big dogs with good bite force, the toy might get torn apart. And yes, you will need to buy a new unit.

On the other side, are you sure your dogs will chase over this thing?

Not all dog gets attracted to the toy, at least for the short term. What’s worst, some dog might even get scared by it. If you have been with dogs, you will notice that each dog have their own character, personality and sometimes affected by moods. So Wickedbone may not work on your dog, as if he would probably see that as another annoying Roomba.

Unlike many dog toys that have the treats as the baseline to guarantee the result — no treat? nah.

Another hot question is whether is Wickedbone work on your feline friends. Since this toy is designed for dogs, and due to its size, we don’t think it attracts the cool cats as much as the laser pointers do.

Also, this toy is controlled via Bluetooth. It means that if it’s out of range, let’s say you’re working in the office, you can’t put it to Interactive Mode from afar. It renders the “Two-way communication” and “Auto-play” features not that much of a deal, most of their waiting time at home is as bored as usual. The chances are, your dogs will follow you instead of the toys when you come home. On one hand, when you take your dog for a walk, do you think they will play/sniff the toy or the surrounding?

The other concern is whether is this toy works on the uneven surfaces like on the mat or grass. Unfortunately, it’s designed for the flat and smoother surfaces, such as tiles and concrete, and will perform poorly on the rough surfaces. For that, the creators have stated that they are developing new accessories so that Wickedbone can run on more kind of grounds.

Overall, is this dog toy worth it? Maybe. The price is fair with okay functionality. The very first concern is whether will your dogs get attracted to it or not, and since it’s not a treat based toy, no one can really guarantee the result.