Yeehaw Wand: Create Your 3D Design Out of Thin Air


Yeehaw wand is a device that allows you to create your own virtual 3D design. Via the mobile app, you can build/draw/create any objects out of thin air by virtually superposing your drawing onto the real object. By sketching the outline intuitively, this method is much easier and faster to express your creativity than most other 2D/3D pen methods. Then, your 3D creative can be printed out with Yeehaw 3D printer or any other 3D printers of your choice. This AR draw-and-print system offers you and your kids a new way to interact with the imagination.

The sky’s the limit!


Review and Discussion – Is Yeehaw worth a buy?

Yeehaw 3D Wand

Unlike 3D pen, Yeehaw wand works with an AR app to create designs on your phone and later print out from a 3D printer. It is lightweight and easy to use. Comes with a 360° spin plate, you can unleash your creativity by virtually drawing on top of the plate. However, the in-app features are not many for editing, while you can still do some common adjustment on your touchscreen devices such as resize, move, rotate, mirror and coloring. But it may not be suitable for a high detail drawing, even if you happen to have an expensive high-end 3D printer. Therefore it is more suitable for kids as an educational toy rather than a more serious artwork for adults.

Print out your creatives

One great feature of Yeehaw wand is that it can be used on your smartphone or tablet to gives you a great portability anywhere you go. It requires no coding or complicated knowledge prior to creating your own concepts, nor any computer knowledge for 3D printing. When you have done with your creative, you will have 3 way of print it out. First, send the design to the Yeehaw for a price and they will get back to you. This is somewhat inconvenient as you need to pay for each design ($0.5 per gram + shipping fee) and have to wait for days or weeks until it’s delivered to your doorstep.


More often, we will have more than one design to print. Therefore, we do not recommend this method as it’s more costly and inconvenient method. Afterall, you will only have to get yourself a wand (and a plate) to get started.

The second method is to use your own existing 3D printer or go to any local 3D print centers. Simply save the file in the printable format, you are good to go.

And the third method is to get yourself a Yeehaw 3D printer. Using the same brand printer meaning you will never have to worry about the compatibility. The wand is designed for the printer and the printer is designed for the wand, so this method is a more viable option to avoid any technical difficulty, i.e. some part can’t be read/printed correctly by other printers.

Since Yeehaw has included the printer in one of the Kickstarter sale packages, we will be talking a little bit about this in the next section.

Yeehaw 3D Printer

Yeehaw had previously run a successful campaign on Indiegogo with 283% funded.

Generally, the customer’s response to Yeehaw 3D printer on Indiegogo campaign was great, but not surprisingly great. The printers do has its own limitation and is slightly large than expected. For your information, there are some really excellent mini size printers out there in the market,  like this one on Amazon. Still, considering the price and functionality it brings, It is certainly a no-brainer. The printer was on Indiegogo for $349, and the whole printer package now on Kickstarter will only cost you $399, including the Yeehaw wand. Meanwhile, Yeehaw wand starts at an early bird price $99, it means you will get the wand at a super exclusive price for lesser than $50. If you are thinking about getting the wand now, why not might as well getting a printer altogether to save your effort buying expensive one later. This hot sale is time-limited, grab one while you still can.

Price and Warranty

Each Yeehaw wand (and plate) starts at only $99 under the super early bird sale. For the printer + wand package, it is only $399.