Yeti Touch: A Magical Tray To Defrost Your Frozen Food

Yeti Touch is the easiest natural way to defrost your frozen food. In the Yeti Touch review below, you will learn why you shouldn’t waste money on this and also the reason of why it got suspended by Kickstarter & Indiegogo.

Straight out of the fridge, your frozen food can’t be cooked without thawing.

And, nobody wants to sit there idle to wait for more than 1 hours just for thawing the icy fish. In fact, that shouldn’t be done as it would promote bacteria growing on your food.

Practically, most of us would defrost frozen food in the water or use the microwave. However, as we know that, thawing food in the water will also wash away some nutrients and flavors. While using microwave may not completely defrosting the steak, or even worse, it partially cooks the meat while inner remains unthawed. Due to the presence of various kind of microorganisms, eating an uncooked meat can give you bacteria infection and parasite infection. In severe cases, it can lead to death.

Overview — So, how exactly does Yeti Touch work?

The secret lies behind the Yeti Touch is its material used.


Yeti Touch is a kitchen tray that made of aerospace aluminum with enamel coating, that’s it. Put it in the scientific term, the aerospace aluminum alloy has an excellent performance in water repelling properties, or superhydrophobic. In other words, it did not heat up your food but only allowing water molecules to leave the aluminum alloy faster. You can read more from this paper.

Yeti Touch make use of this properties, with enamel coating for a better appearance, it makes more than 2000 backers happy. With no electricity or battery needed, Yeti Touch naturally thaws your food 50% faster in normal condition. To give you an idea of how fast it is, below is the table:

Underneath the tray, there is a plastic tray to capture the overrun water so that to prevent annoying water puddles building up. Yeti Touch doubles as a cutting board, all you need to do is to leave your frozen food on it for a while before cutting.

Okay, so what about the other similar defrosting trays?

Review and Discussion on Yeti Touch Tray – Why is this product overrated?

You might be the first time to know about this, but Yeti Touch is not a new technology neither is this a revolutionary product. If it is, it should be patented by Yeti Touch and selling at a much higher price. In fact, this technology has been used many years by others and there are quite a number of sellers selling the similar tray on the market. For example on Amazon, this one similar defrosts tray by Nuovoware has been marked as Amazon’s Choice with an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Despite being advertised as no electricity and battery needed, another concern you should be taking note is that the thawing rate is greatly affected by the room temperature. The principle is as simple as — the ice melt by itself and aluminum repels away the water, and therefore to thaw faster. So, if your room temperature is lower and the ice doesn’t melt as fast, it will take much longer time to thaw.

However, Yeti Touch doesn’t steal away all the credits. Yeti Touch, apart from its competitors, has included a tray underneath and a special hole for water to flow through. On the other hand, the aluminum tray is certified and is generally thicker than those in the market. And lastly, it doesn’t sell expensive. Yeti Touch is funding on Kickstarter starts at a price of only $29, and it falls within the price range of other similar plates which generally range from $10 to $40.

Why is Yeti Touch get suspended on Kickstarter and Indiegogo?

Both of the Yeti Touch crowdfunding campaigns have been suspended on Kickstarter as well as on the Indiegogo. For the reason, the Yeti Touch team has later claimed that the following reasons were the one provided by Kickstarter:

  • “Failure or unwillingness to clearly communicate with backers”
  • “Running multiple, simultaneous projects”
  • “Outstanding fulfillment issues related to a previously successful crowdfunding campaign”
  • “Lack of communication” (For Indiegogo)

While most backers are not buying their explanation, some were grasping that it was due to the similar existing products on the Amazon UK and here is the proof. And here is how the creator responded to the thread:

Yeti Touch tray suspended

As for now, the team is said to work on the issue and trying to restore the campaign. From my past experience, the chances for a successful appeal is very low as the crowdfunding giants Kickstarter & Indiegogo don’t usually suspend a project. But when they do, they will have a solid and undeniable reason.