Zen Blanket – The Weighted Blanket For A Better Sleep


Zen Blanket is a weighted blanket to improve your bedtime sleep. In this review article, we will analyze and discuss if this blanket really worth a buy.

Last year in April, a crowdfunding campaign called Gravity had taken the Kickstarter community by storm. With the help of more than 23k backers, that little blanket project has successfully raised $4.7 million on Kickstarter alone.


Like many overnight exploded projects, many backers still haven’t received their blanket yet, even until today.

Although weighted blanket has been reported by science with some positive effects and often be used in hospital and healthcare facilities, more throughout research study is needed to consolidate the claims. On the other hand, weighted blanket is not a scarcity and here is one highly-rated weighted blanket that I found on Amazon.

So, how is the Zen Blanket different and is that a flop?


Review and Discussion — Should you buy this weighted blanket?

If you’re on Kickstarter long enough, you may have noticed that instead of telling how special is the Zen Blanket from its competitors, the creators seem to be mainly focusing on educating people about how good is the weighted blanket and its health benefits. Apparently, the thin content plus more than half of the campaign information are the general info and that has triggered some of the backer’s scam alarm bells go off.

And yes, Zen Blanket is like another smart spin of the existing product, intended to make a quick buck from your pocket without even branding. Typically, what frowns us is the almost “no outstanding features” there and the awkwardly high similarity with the Gravity Blanket project.

The fact which many didn’t know is that there are already so many competitors out there in the market with a better quality and good buyer’s feedback. Compare it side by side with this weighted blanket, you will know what we’re saying.

Customer-wise, we will always recommend a better existing product (if there is any) with the proven customer reviews.

On the other hand, Zen Blanket offering 3 sizes of 51″ x 79″ and a smaller 7 lbs version with 41″ x 63″ for kids. Since it’s for the bed, one big drawback is that the lack of a queen/bigger size version of Zen Blanket which turning off many. In response to the requests, the creators have assured that they will soon launch a 60″ x 80″ queen size version.

While for the quality part, the creators have stated that the blanket will be manufactured in Malaysia instead of China. So until the blanket is received, backers will have to take their own risk.

Overall, is this weighted blanket worth buying? maybe. Personally, I do not recommend this product as it’s quite a generic weighted blanket without a standout feature. Also, backers will have to bear the risk with too many uncertainties in compared to the other existing well-received product like this one.